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The last app you downloaded didn’t come with a user manual—and, it didn’t need to—you were able to use it right away.

As the world goes digital, more and more systems need to become plug-and-play. Utilities cannot afford months or years spent bringing a digital experience online for their consumers and with MyMeter®, they don’t have to.

Our disciplined implementation process

Because of many years of thoughtful, forward-thinking design, the MyMeter® platform is unprecedently straightforward to integrate into any utility’s IT infrastructure. Ask our customers, our rollouts are on time and on budget.

After all, why should you spend more money on the implementation process than on the product itself? It doesn’t make sense to us, which is why we are different. We believe that the days of months-long and years-long implementations are a thing of the past. We get your customers online fast.

“Thank you all for a ho-hum go-live day. There was very little excitement in this deployment, the best kind. A great collaboration on this quick turnaround project. Well done!”

Ben, Minnesota Power

“Thank you… for sharing your amazing staff with us for this implementation. Keith and Cameron have been incredible and could not have been more responsive to our needs. Our customers are responding very positively to the product as well.”

Mary, Indianapolis Power & Light

“The responsiveness, creativity and level of care provided by your team allowed the success of our customer and user engagement plan for this first milestone release. Please share our gratefulness and excitement with the AI team. Looking forward to continued successes.” 

Cathy, Snohomish County PUD