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MyMeter® turns everyday transactions into meaningful engagements with your customers.

Most utility customers are not thinking about their energy or water use. They are busy taking care of their families, running their businesses, or just getting through the day. Unlike standalone engagement platforms, MyMeter® allows a customer to do everything: Payments, alerts, analysis, program enrollment, and understanding opportunities to save.

A utility only gets a little customer attention each year, so every interaction is precious. Choose the platform that lets the customer do it all for maximum customer engagement and satisfaction.

Our utility users of MyMeter® have seen concrete results in the form of increased customer satisfaction scores (JD Powers/ACSI) through innovative MyMeter® communication tools such as the Rate Analyzer, CSR/MSR Impersonate mode, and Alexa integration. 

MyMeter® is utilized in 3 of the top 17 Midwest Region Large Segments, and 5 of the top 17 in the Midwest midsize segment for customer satisfaction ratings along with several in all other regions and sizes.