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The  MyMeter® Message Center is a tool for both consumer and utility.


For consumers: Useful information for busy lives

For the utility : Improved marketing effectiveness

Engage customers who would otherwise not be aware that their usage has increased significantly, that there may be an issue at a vacation or rental property, they may have a persistent water leak, or that a freezer full of food may be at the peril of a power outage.

The MyMeter® Message Center supports custom list development based on property profiles and integrates with existing marketing automation platforms

Residential and commercial customers alike have the ability to provide more information about their property characteristics and energy use systems, giving them the ability to make more meaningful benchmarking comparisons, or to receive utility-provided incentives. Customers gain greater control over energy use comparisons. 

MyMeter Messages

Utilities gain insights for targeted marketing of programs and special offers.

Tools for customer segmentation and insights on everything from building square footage and property use types to the age of equipment and appliances can dramatically improve response rates and lower the cost to meet participation goals.