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A message from Josh Headlee

Founder & CEO

Since 2008 I have been fortunate enough to lead a team of extraordinary programmers, engineers, as well as sales and marketing professionals in the creation of software that changes how the world views its utility bills.

Together we have created MyMeter®, a platform which allows utilities and customers to see exactly how their water and energy dollars are being spent.

MyMeter® allows people and businesses to make informed choices which add up to have a positive impact on not only pocketbooks but on the environment itself.

We started in a basement and now we are currently operating in over 100+ utilities in just about every state along with multiple countries around the world.

Having a strong background in technology, and having worked with hundreds of utilities, we have come to the conclusion there has to be a better way.

Standing up software should not require months and months of effort. The last app you downloaded didn’t come with a user manual—and, it didn’t need to—you were able to use it right away.

Our goal is to make MyMeter® a Plug & Play platform with utility systems, we have hundreds of adapters built for multiple CIS, AMI, OMS, MDMS and payment partners, and we continue to add to our library monthly. 

Implementing a customer facing platform like MyMeter® should not cost more than the product itself and not require a team of utility staff.

We are not just another vendor; we are a partner. Together, we care more. Together, we do more.

Innovation, it’s in our name. And, I am proud to be leading this team.

Josh Headlee

Founder & Chief Executive Officer