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Using MyMeter®, customers can easily:

  • Start/stop or transfer service
  • Pay bills, including prepay for convenience if offered by the utility
  • Configure alerts such as outage, leak suspected, abnormally high usage, etc
  • Enroll in conservation, efficiency and demand response programs
  • Nearly anything the utility wants to put in the hands of the consumers

When a bill seems high or when service is interrupted, customers pick up the phone and call. More calls to utility call centers mean either more representatives or longer wait times for customers. Both cost utilities time and money.

MyMeter® reduces call center volume by as much as 5%. Fewer calls saves money and also improves customer service interactions. MyMeter’s® “My Account” experience includes customer self-service, online bill payment, AMI interval data access, email/text threshold alerts and outage communications.

More and more customers are also looking for flexibility in how they handle payments. MyMeter® offers best-in-class flexibility for handling payments with options like pay-as-you-go.