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ENERGY STAR® automation

Create a better experience

Customer service is improved, and internal support staff demands are reduced when you update to a user-friendly platform that integrates seamlessly with ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager® and utility customer information systems. Secure and seamless links provide valuable, hassle-free feedback on your customers’ utility use and eliminate costly backend processses for data access request.

Simplify compliance

  • Leverage ESPM web services integration to generate and track benchmarking scores and use intensity metrics
  • Automate transfers of historical and ongoing monthly usage and cost to save customers time and keep them engaged
  • Group multiple accounts and meters to enable building and portfolio-level analysis
  • Offer whole-building aggregation and multi-tenant data access requests and provisioning
  • Provide options for users to link to existing ESPM properties or characterize properties and receive scores entirely via the MyMeter user interface
  • Streamline tenant consent and threshold policy enforcement with automated notifications and online authorization workflows

Go beyond benchmarking

Get next-level tools for meter data insight and building operator engagement. Leverage MyMeter’s core features to help your customers manage energy and water use and guide building performance optimization.

  • Equip facility managers with tools to monitor usage trends and receive alerts if demand or consumption exceed defined thresholds
  • Offer real-time monitoring and submetering in combination with gateway devices tied to utility meters or circuit-level sensors to diagnose and manage peak demand events
  • Provide insights on reactive loads and power factor impacts
  • Share action recommendations based on facility audits and ongoing building commissioning best practices
  • Recognize and reward building team and community achievements based on benchmarking results and completed actions
  • Understand and compare building performance
  • Share best practices
  • Designate key stakeholders
  • Set goals
  • Identify priorities for targeted action
  • Recommended actions
  • Coordinate teams
  • Track progress toward goals
  • Celebrate success
  • Recognize high achievers
  • Build community