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Is your CIS vendor disappointing your customers?

December, 2021

For many good reasons, utility consumer digital engagement is on fire. It’s finally easy (enough) to do many things online with your utility which used to require a phone call.

Consumers like it, surveys across industries consistently show that a growing majority of consumers prefer a digital self service experience for most things. And obviously, digital customer service saves utilities money and resources.

Yet most utilities aren’t doing the job they could. This JD Power study from earlier this year shows that less than half of consumers can find and do the things they need from their utility online.

Why is it so hard for utilities to do an excellent job of digital self service? Probably because they are using a system never intended to serve end customers to provide the digital experience.

Customer Information Systems (CIS) are fundamental to running nearly any business but especially a utility. A utility must have excellent records on every customer’s details in order to comply with regulations and deliver the nearly 100% uptime we expect from their services.

Yet CIS systems, in general, have their roots in accounting. They are generally built around providing internal functionality for trained and specialized utility employees, not the general public.

Many utility CIS vendors have “bolted on” basic customer service portal functions to their systems. They are relatively easy for utilities to deploy and, as a general rule, they’re not a great user experience.

At MyMeter we specialize in delivering a complete and comprehensive customer experience across all utility services and customer classes. Utilities who switch to MyMeter for digital customer service consistently report improvements in their customer satisfaction scores. Our only business is keeping your customers happy.

MyMeter includes everything utilities and their customers need for frictionless engagement. From rate comparisons to usage analysis to alerts, bill pay, pre pay, building benchmarking and much much more. All in a platform that scales easily to millions of endpoints with state-of-the-art native mobile app.

Customers want digital service and they want it done well. MyMeter makes it easy for utilities of any size to delight their customers.

Schedule a MyMeter demo today and experience state-of-the-art utility engagement!