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Building trust in the age of electrification.

June, 2021

Outage notification is about much more than outages.

Recent data suggests that over 60% of customers expect to know within 15 minutes of reporting an outage when power will be restored. What’s more, if the power comes on 10 minutes later, they are unhappy.

As utilities deal with a more service conscious consumer base, keeping customers updated during a crisis is more essential than ever to keeping them happy.

Technology makes it easy and more efficient to deliver reliable notifications direct to customers. Outages are rare, but they will happen. Customers who have grown accustomed to the reliability of digital communications networks expect electric networks to behave much the same way.

Fortunately, technology like MyMeter’s outage notification and communications preference center make it easy for utilities to empower their customers to choose how they want to be notified and when. Some care about potential high bills, some care about new savings opportunities or programs. Pretty much all of them care about outages.

But it’s about more than that. It’s about trust.

While we are conserving electricity more thoughtfully than ever before, we are also using it for more things than ever before. More and more electricity will be the energy source that we rely on for things like fueling our cars and heating our homes.

Reliable outage communication builds trust and improves customer satisfaction scores. As widespread electrification takes hold, more customers will need to turn to their utility for recommendations on rates, appliance purchases, and the different types of savings programs.

Customers who trust their utility the most will turn to it more for guidance. Reliable outage notification is fundamental to customer trust.

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