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A Customer Self-Service Platform That Pays for Itself Three Times Over

March, 2024

At MyMeter, we call our utility customers our partners.  The reason is simple.   Our customers make us better and, in turn, we deliver outstanding value that pays dividends both in reduced customer support load and decreased operational costs.

Consider this example.  One of our utility partners, a water & electric utility in California, recently shared with us their paperless billing success (so far) since implementing MyMeter. A little over 1.5 years after going live with MyMeter, 42% of their customers have registered for electronic billing.

Electronic billing is a significant savings to utilities and also reduces waste and carbon emissions associated with mailing paper bills.

In fact, in the case of this customer, their savings from moving 42% of their customers to eBilling saves them three times the cost of their MyMeter SaaS subscription fees.

We’re proud to call ourselves a partner to this utility and well over 100 others.  Their success is our success and it shows in the utility bottom line every single month.