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Five ways your customer engagement portal can improve customer satisfaction.

October, 2021

Rapid adoption of digital payments by consumers and mobile technology vs. desktop has raised the bar for what customers expect from their utility engagement portal.

A portal is more than simply a way for your customer to pay their bill. It’s their 24x7x365 tool for getting answers and support. And, for the utility, it is a key tool to reach customers to promote new programs and empower them.

1. Use a portal for outreach and program promotion. The natural place for customers to signup for demand response or participate in savings challenges is the same place they pay their bill. A good engagement portal should offer the ability to engage customers in whatever program a utility promotes.

2. Support when they need it. With a comprehensive self-service portal, the customer is empowered even outside your normal business hours.

3. Get feedback/improve satisfaction. Customers want to be able to tell you what they think. You can improve your customer focus and satisfaction scores by using the portal to get feedback on what they like – and what they would like to see changed.

4. Give customers proactive choices. If a customer is wondering if a different rate might fit their needs better, or when they use the most water, or why their electric or gas bill was high, a comprehensive portal like MyMeter gives the choices and the power to make those choices where and when it suits them.

5. Real time updates keep customers informed. A well-designed engagement portal can tell a customer about a potential water leak, or an upcoming outage, or when power will be restored without the customer needing to lift a finger. That’s good service.

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