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$250/mo for a running toilet!?

August, 2021

Those water leaks add up, costing you money and worsening the problem of drought. MyMeter looks for leaks and alerts you when something needs attention.

Most of us have gotten used to ignoring our water bill. We turn on the faucet or flush the toilet and expect that it will always be there and isn’t a major expense if we use a little too much.

But our attention has been called lately to the stark fact that we should not, can not, take water for granted. Severe drought, increasing population and steadily rising water costs mean we all have a duty to save water and in doing so we will save ourselves money as well.

Many leaks around the home are very easy to fix yet surprisingly expensive if ignored. A dripping faucet can cost hundreds of dollars over a year, a running toilet can cost far more. And some leaks aren’t obvious at all, like some in underground irrigation systems. It’s startling how much water we waste on leaks, the EPA estimates that water leaks waste enough water every year service 11 million households!

Still, those leaks go ignored not because we don’t care, but because we are busy and we have a lot of things to think about besides running around looking for water leaks.

That’s why we developed automatic leak detection in the MyMeter water customer self-service system. MyMeter will watch your consumption, compare to averages for homes and families like yours as well as your own historic patterns. When MyMeter sees water usage that looks unusual, it can let you know with an email or text message (your preference) making it easy for you to pay attention only when you need to.

MyMeter – smarter resource management, easy self-service. A tool that helps us be responsible to ourselves, one another and the environment.

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