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Water, Utilities, and 2020

March, 2020

Water utilities are going digital now more than ever. And, it’s happening fast. What was once a slow drip of change via infrastructure upgrades and system enhancements is now a firehose in the digital age.

So, what does it mean to “go digital” and why should we care?

The leading reasons for why people care are simple and straight-forward: Conservation and access. When we are able to skillfully manage and distribute a resource like water, everybody wins. If we can do so in a way that maximizes efficiency, minimizes waste, and remains affordable, it’s an even bigger win.

To meet these goals, utilities of all sizes are integrating more digital elements into their infrastructure and into their customers’ experience, providing them with insights and data to make more informed decisions.

But, exactly what does that look like?

The Internet of Things has surely assisted in this process, including smart homes, smart phones, and intelligent cities—with, of course, smart meters. And, in most cases, it’s a piece of software that pulls it all together and gives water utility customers a meaningful way of using and interacting with smart data.

MyMeter® is an online portal that does exactly that—it’s a software for utilities where everything is under one roof. Implementations are fast, on-time, and on budget. Water utilities are turning to MyMeter® for just about everything:

– Interactive charts and heat maps, toggling between interval, hourly, daily, monthly, and even real-time data.

– Bill presentment and electronic bill payment capabilities delivered through seamless integrations with utility CIS and payment processor systems. 

– Customer engagement on issues that matter—like when a customer’s usage has increased significantly, or that there may be an issue at a vacation or rental property, or that a small persistent water leak may be wasting clean water and driving up their bill.

– Automated notifications and alerts that make sure water customers have access to information and data when it counts, both for their pocketbook and their busy lives. 

Water utilities all over the country are upgrading what they offer to customers by updating their digital online experience through MyMeter®.