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The Next Generation of Utility Customers Has Higher Expectations

February, 2020

Today’s under 40 adults have shown repeatedly that they value experiences, community, and authenticity. They are very comfortable with technology and tuned into the dangers of over consumption. Simply put, the next generation openly cares about how their choices affect their community and the planet—and, more than previous generations, they’re willing to put their money where their mouth is.

Utilities are in a particularly sweet spot when it comes to appealing to environmental and community values. Gone are the days of marketing to folks who prefer ‘cheaper and faster’ regardless of the impact. As customers, younger adults are willing to pay more for a richer experience that meets them in the bigger picture of who they are and who they perceive themselves to be. Energy and water are big parts of that.

MyMeter® is the tool utility companies need now to address the changing demands of rising generations of consumers. MyMeter® gives consumers the power to really understand and change the way they use energy and water. With MyMeter®, they can prepay and manage their usage with a watchful eye to stretch their dollar while conserving. MyMeter® lets customers easily choose all-renewable energy, or a better rate for their lifestyle, enroll in efficiency programs and participate in contests.

And, of course, MyMeter® lets customers take care of most any customer service need 24/7/365. Gone are the days of 8 to 5 service hours.

MyMeter® gives your utility easy access to the technology customers today expect to let them really get engaged in and manage their electric, water and gas consumption.