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Self Service Doesn’t Mean Leaving Your Customer on Their Own.

February, 2021

MyMeter® delivers a friendly, easy to use self-service experience to millions of utility customers across North America.

But often we find the value of customer self-service tools really shines with the help of a utility customer service representative.

Over the years we have collected dozens of stories of how a simple feature in the MyMeter® system delights both consumer and utility staff alike.

In MyMeter®, a utility customer service representative has the option to ‘ride along’ with a consumer, seeing exactly what they see, when they call in with a service question.

High bill calls are a favorite application of the ‘ride along’ feature. It goes like this:

Customer: Hi, I’m calling because my bill from last month looks really high.
Service Rep: OK, I can help you with that. Let’s look at your usage data using MyMeter®. Do you have a MyMeter® login?
Customer: Yes, I have the app on my phone.
Service Rep: Great, open that up and I’ll look at it at the same time.
Service Rep: Hmm, I’m seeing a really big spike in usage on the 15th and 16th. Can you remember anything that might have been going on at your house then?
Customer: Well, let me think. Yes, it got super cold outside and I needed to run the block heater on my semi-tractor. I plugged it in on the 15th.
Service Rep: Well, that’s what did it – scroll back to that day on the app and take a look at home much higher your usage was then with me.
Customer: Wow! You’re right, I didn’t realize how much juice that uses! Thank you very much.
Service Rep: No problem, have a great day!

MyMeter® empowers your service team to put themselves in the customer’s shoes and help them understand. Of course, the more people use MyMeter®, the more they realize they don’t need help. But it’s nice to know the utility can be there in an instant when it’s needed.