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Security Matters: Are your digital services vendors keeping their grades up?

December, 2022

No utility needs to hear how important cyber security is to their operations, in today’s world, it’s job 1. But often utilities may miss the basics with their vendors, like regularly checking to see if their digital security score is holding up.

MyMeter is the product of a group of obsessive people who care as much (or more) about our security score as we do our own credit ratings. We watch it constantly. You can check your vendors here:

There are many things that make a good digital services vendor but chief among them is strong security. If your vendor, or prospective vendor isn’t consistently scoring >90 on their security scorecard, its a red flag.

It takes regular work and diligence to keep a security score high, at AI we strive for as close to perfect as we can get. If your vendor isn’t keeping their grades up, perhaps it is time to look elsewhere. If they can’t prioritize the security of your customer data, its fair to ask why not.