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Renters Like Saving Energy Too

April, 2021

Energy efficiency is not just for people that own the space they occupy.

Armed with good information, there are many things renters can do to save energy and reduce costs without the need to make investments in the building.

MyMeter® offers a suite of renter-friendly efficiency tools so renters can know what to expect in energy bills before they rent AND make adjustments to save energy and money once they are moved in.

A new feature in MyMeter® allows landlords to easily comply with local energy disclosure requirements, including a new requirement soon to go into effect in the City of Minneapolis.

The Time of Rent Energy Disclosure lets prospective tenants evaluate and compare the energy use of the space to get a sense for how efficient the building is versus their other choices.

More and more cities are following the lead of Minneapolis and others in requiring benchmarking, comparisons and disclosures of energy use.  These policies provide incentives for improving efficiency and saving energy costs, helping cities achieve goals set in their climate action plans.

MyMeter allows utilities to quickly and easily comply with local requirements – even if the utility wasn’t previously a MyMeter® user!

Utilities across the country are turning to MyMeter® for quick and easy compliance with new energy benchmarking requirements.

MyMeter® lets owners and renters alike keep a close eye on where their energy dollar is going.