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Remote Working, Unemployment, and Peak Demand

July, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected nearly every person on the planet and had an impact on every industry, business, and organization. From professional sports to education to small businesses to, of course, the utility industry.

When it comes to the nation’s electricity, water, and gas utilities, the effects of COVID-19 can be seen not only in the workforce, but in actual changes in usage patterns and peak demand. With 90% of workers at home and unemployment at 20% in some states and hovering at 10% nationwide during the peak of the pandemic, demand and peak demand changed.

Across most of the US in March through May, there was an electric load decline of 3-11% and peak power price forwards decreased between $2.40-4.50/MWh for the rest of 2020.

While utilities, at a high level, are keeping track of new usage patterns and trends as a result of COVID-19, customers are, too, tracking more closely their usage. Because many utility customers are also struggling to pay their bills, now, more than ever, it is a priority for them to monitor their use and spending.

MyMeter® is an online portal that helps utility customers see their usage, track it, and make more informed decisions about consumption. The best part is, everything is under one roof. Implementations are fast, on-time, and on budget. MyMeter® is there for just about everything:

– Interactive charts and heat maps, toggling between interval, hourly, daily, monthly, and even real-time data.

– Bill presentment and electronic bill payment capabilities delivered through seamless integrations with utility CIS and payment processor systems. 
– Customer engagement on issues that matter—like when a customer’s usage has increased significantly, or that there may be an issue at a vacation or rental property, or that a small persistent water leak may be wasting clean water and driving up their bill.

– Automated notifications and alerts that make sure water customers have access to information and data when it counts, both for their pocketbook and their busy lives. 

Utilities all over the country are upgrading what they offer to customers by updating their digital online experience through MyMeter®.