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One codebase for all – the best way to manage, deliver and own software.

October, 2023

As it happened this year, our team has worked with a number of utilities, large and small, who had frustrations with other vendors’ delivery struggles.  It seems to be a common problem and one we’re pleased not to have. 

One key reason is MyMeter is a true multi-tenant software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution.  We run a single codebase for all our utility customers.  Moreover, we run a true agile development operation, with development scheduled in two-week sprints, daily stand-up meetings and a new release of software pushed out every six weeks. 

This means our system is always current for all users.  Utilities minimize the accumulation of technology debt because the system is continuously being improved.  Unlike on-premise or single-use licenses which often go months or years without updates, allowing obsolescence to creep in and making it hard to keep current. 

With MyMeter, each utility has its own configuration which makes its MyMeter instance unique.  Implementing MyMeter then becomes a matter of configuring, not coding.  Instead of spending their time coding for individual utility projects, our development team focuses on projects that move the whole MyMeter platform forward for all. 

 And when new features – often a result of input from our user group – become available, they are in the system immediately for all to use.

It’s a better way to develop software, a better way to deliver software and a better way to own software.  The MyMeter way.