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MyMeter takes the guess work out of choosing a utility rate

July, 2021

MyMeter takes the mystery out of utility rates

When you use a resource like electricity or water is often just as important as how much you use. Utilities work hard to find ways to spread usage out so that peak times are not so heavily loaded.

Most utilities have rates designed to help accomplish this but understanding what rate is best for you can be confusing.

The rate analyzer feature in MyMeter makes finding the right rate a breeze. No rate structure is too complex and both residential and commercial customers can benefit.

Using interval meter data, MyMeter makes rate comparison a snap. In seconds the MyMeter rate engine will run your actual usage patterns against the rates offered by your utility and show the rate with the most savings for you.

We are seeing more and more utilities put tools like this in consumer hands. It just makes sense, because conservation is the easiest way to save money and preserve the planet for future generations.

Schedule a MyMeter demo today and experience state-of-the-art utility engagement!