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Is your utility’s mobile app everything it should be?

July, 2021

Our MyMeter team works hard to anticipate trends and one which seems obvious has caught more than a few utilities off guard:

Consumers’ rapidly rising expectations for a great mobile experience.

Esource recently published an article on the key elements every good utility mobile app must have.

We would argue that minimum list is a good start, but more and more, customers can (and should) expect to do anything on the mobile app they could do in a web browser.

And we know from experience that many utility apps fall short even on this minimal list. Our recently re-written mobile experience is designed to do all this and more. We also include a variety of notifications, rate and savings analysis features and easy widgets to let customers take charge of their water, electric and/or gas consumption.

Your utility brand takes center stage if you choose our fully branded option, yet still runs in the cloud on our secure, hosted SaaS platform.

Schedule a MyMeter demo today and experience state-of-the-art mobile utility engagement!