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Engage your customers with an AMI-capable tool even before you invest in AMI.

May, 2022

MyMeter is widely acknowledged as among the best AMI presentment and customer self-service platforms in the utility industry. So it might surprise you that many utilities – some very large utilities – put MyMeter in place even before they roll out AMI.

The key benefits AMI brings to consumers include giving them more visibility into and control over their usage. To fulfill this promise, complete, easy-to-use software is essential.

In the last two years, two of our good utility customers, one with several hundred thousand customers and one well over one million, implemented their MyMeter project before getting started with AMI.

Why? When you break it down, it makes a lot of sense.

When a utility first starts rolling out AMI, it’s a big deal. Good communication with consumers and businesses is essential for them to see the new technology as beneficial and helpful.

If consumers and businesses are already using a platform like MyMeter to pay bills, get alerts, and do other kinds of self-service, adding AMI will simply delight them.

With MyMeter in place, the very day AMI is installed at a home or business the customer can start exploring and managing their usage.

MyMeter’s rate engine lets customers see if they are on the best rate for their usage, our energy markers and usage heat map let them see where they might have opportunities to save.

When that communication goes out to customers that they are getting a new meter, having MyMeter in place gives them an easy, concrete way to see the advantages AMI brings home.