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Embracing AI at AI   

November, 2023

As we all become accustomed to the role artificial intelligence and large language models will play in our future work life, at AI we believe the best way to find out how a new technology can be helpful is to jump in and use it for something. 

 So we created our own AI chatbot (for internal use only) recently, to both address a business need and see firsthand what this new technology brings to the table. 

We named our chatbot AiMy (a mash-up of AI and MyMeter) and we’re happy to report AiMy has quickly become a helpful member of our team. 

The problem we addressed is that Accelerated Innovations’ MyMeter platform is a broad and complex software suite with millions of lines of code, many dozens of built-in integrations, optional modules and configurable features.  As we bring on new team members and indeed, even as existing team members have questions they need answered about what the platform and details of certain capabilities, it’s hard to organize and maintain a knowledge base. 

 The tool we chose to use was Azure OpenAI from Microsoft.  It allows us to train the chatbot on documents of our choice.  It can then interact with users using natural language prompts to answer questions.  Is it perfect?  Of course not, but it has already proved very useful in helping team members get thorough answers to details about the system without needing to go looking (or asking). 

We’ll continue to use these tools and explore ways they can help us work and, eventually, how they can help MyMeter do more for users.