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Digital Self-service, MyMeter®, & COVID-19

April, 2020

If one thing is clear, it is this: The term “community” has been elevated as together we face extraordinary challenges that confront us all at both the most local and global levels.

Utilities all over the world are working around the clock to make sure their customers and members can continue to work, live, & grow with some sense of normalcy within their own communities.

Our message to our friends, partners, and all utilities worldwide is this: Thank you.

You are the ones powering our homes and hospitals, keeping our families secure and comfortable.

You are the ones keeping our clean water flowing—keeping us healthy and safe.

Communication is key and most utilities and other essential services have already taken to the internet, updating websites with vital resources, announcements, and other important bits of information surrounding the COVID-19 crisis.

For current MyMeter® customers, there are a few ways you can leverage MyMeter® to assist in those communications today. They include:

1) Add a message and link on your landing page, directing customers to your website and/or online resources.

2) Create a widget, also directing customers to more information within MyMeter® or out to websites already in place to assist customers/members.

3) For those of you implementing Home Overlays, create a tile to provide those links as well.

If you’re not yet a MyMeter® customer, but are looking to offer a higher level of self-service options to your customers, we can help. Please call or email–we can discuss how you can make use of these features for your customers/members.

In response to COVID-19, AI has moved to a mobile workforce model to help ensure the safety of our team and we’re working every day to support our utility partners.

To all our friends in all of the utilities around the world: Thank you. As you support your communities, we want to support you – let us know how.