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Digital Self-Service, 2020, & Reopening

May, 2020

As the country and the world reopen and begin to chart a new course, somethings will go back to normal while other things will remain forever changed. In that same vain, somethings will be newly prioritized, while others will be less so.

One aspect of the reopening that is certainly being emphasized is the value of keeping one another safe while always moving forward. Another way of saying it is in the question, “How can we minimize risk while maximizing impact?

Some solutions are clear and obvious, while others may need a bit of trial and error to really determine the way to progress. What is apparent is the straightforward value of digital self-service as our cities and towns reopen. The world is looking for services that provide a no-contact solution to everyday problems. MyMeter® has been providing these results and answers longer than anybody else—the value and benefit of this service has never been more apparent than in these past months.

Utilities around the world are beginning to use MyMeter® to support their customers in reopening. The platform is being used to:

1) Add messages and links on their branded landing page, which direct customers to website updates and/or new related online resources.
2) Create new widgets, which direct customers to more information within MyMeter® or to external websites already in place to assist customers/members.
3) Implement Home Overlays, which create tiles to provide information and links, as well.
4) Create flexible banner messaging on the dashboard, ensuring that all users have access to more emergency related information if needed.

As always, utility customers are leveraging MyMeter® to:

1) Manage their accounts, evaluation options, and pay bills online.
2) Set Markers, which allow them to see how their energy, water, & gas usage changes over time as a result of home and work changes.
3) Stay informed and in the know as to changes in their communities and at their utilities.

As the world evolves, so do we—and MyMeter® is there every step of the way.