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Digital Payments : Better for Utilities, Easier for Consumers

November, 2022

The pandemic certainly accelerated the use of digital payments at utilities, but most utilities still report that a large percentage still move through traditional channels. On average, about 25% of utility transactions have yet to convert to digital billing and payment.

In our MyMeter mobile app and desktop digital self-service portal, payments are easy and secure. Setting up digital auto-pay is a simple click and, with our advanced payments partners, can include fast-growing alternative payment channels like Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal and more.

Too many utilities still rely on clunky desktop portals which render poorly on mobile devices. Too many utility portals fail to allow simple things like multiple payments in a single transaction, seamless digital payments, pay by text, etc.

Today’s customers are increasingly digital and increasingly reliant on mobile solutions. They demand great tools and the fewest possible steps.

In designing the MyMeter experience, reducing the friction for all digital services is always a top priority. We know that the best experience makes for the happiest customers, and we know that the best experience with digital payments speeds up the meter-to-cash cycle for our utiiity partners.