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Choosing a vendor who delivers

March, 2023

Choosing a vendor who delivers 

The MyMeter difference 

It seems like our phones have been ringing a lot lately with utilities fed up with vendors who promised the moon, and now one, two and three years later their project still isn’t live. 

We can’t get our heads around that, it’s no way to do business.  Just last week our team was talking to a customer who said, “The other vendor’s screens looked so good, but they’ve missed their delivery dates for the last 15 months.”   

Understandably, that customer was feeling the pain of dealing with a vendor who over-promises. 

With some vendors, their business is setup to encourage their team to over promise.  Heavy up-front sales commissions encourage sales people to make commitments that the company simply can’t deliver on.  We’ve heard tell of competitors with employee turnover rates as high as 70%.   In that kind of environment it’s little wonder promises get broken. 

AI is different at our very core. 

We are a small, dedicated team with essentially no employee turnover.  People work here because we like our customers, we like each other and we like the work we’re doing. 

We believe that our careful and patient work to build the industry’s most comprehensive and scalable customer engagement platform pays off in the long term.  We’re seeing it everyday as customers come to us for help and are amazed at the robust, easily configurable, and expansive platform of MyMeter. 

If it’s time to get your project back on track and make your digital customer self-service a joyful experience – give us a call.  We’ll deliver for you!