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At the Cutting Edge with Alexa Enabled Devices

December, 2019

What happens when utility data and smart devices partner up? A win-win occurs. Customers get a cutting edge, secure, and convenient way to interact with their usage data and pay their bill. And, utilities love the increased engagement as well as the greater level of customer self-service.

It’s that easy. And, Accelerated Innovations is happy to pave the way with the MyMeter skill for Alexa, giving customers voice-access to one of the longest running smart devices in the home—their smart meter.

From smart phones and Echoes to home computers and Echo Dots, the MyMeter® skills works on every Alexa-enabled device. Customers get more of what they want: convenience, security, and versatility—creating a user experience that is keeping up with the times.

In the words of Accelerated Innovations’ founder, Josh Headlee, ““We wanted to give customers an experience that no one else was o¬ffering—the ability to get information from their utility provider anytime, 24/7. In development it became clear: MyMeter® was made for voice applications. Quick, clear, and easily accessible information on-demand with truly limitless potential. As we continue to capture user feedback and apply machine learning, the MyMeter® skill for Alexa gives utilities a natural extension of customer service. Customers now have the ability to get information, pay their bill, and explore usage data without even lifting a finger.”

Today, there are more than 12,000 smart home devices supported by Amazon’s Alexa as well as 40,000+ skills. With 75% of U.S. households forecasted to have one or more smart speakers in their home this year, it’s clear that smart devices, smart homes, and smart networks are here to stay.

The MyMeter® skill for Alexa devices is at the center of another win-win for customers and their utility.