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Engaged Customers. Smarter Support. Managed Demand.

MyMeter empowers electric, gas, and water utilities and their customers to better manage end-use demand and consumption. It’s the engaging, intelligent connection that transforms meter data into insights for action.

MyMeter is here to help you achieve your goals: lower peak demand, verifiable savings, and enhanced revenue through targeted marketing and value-added services. Learn how by taking our Utility Benefits tour or find out more about MyMeter’s dedication to working hand-in-hand as a true partner to utilities from our cost-effective behavioral energy savings case study.

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Pay As You Go capabilities advance your goals.

MyMeter’s Pay As You Go solution benefits electric, gas and water utilities by providing increased customer satisfaction, improved cash flow, reduced risk and the potential for significant energy savings. Pay As You Go billing with MyMeter means your customers are your agents for success. With traditionally high levels of customer adoption and usage, Pay As You Go billing offers the flexibility of another payment option so your utility is viewed as a provider and not as a collector.

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Hit your goals. Engage your customers with Workplace EnergyWell.


We believe in the principal of people over platform — real people taking real action to make a lasting impact. AI’s engagement managers work with designated team captains to develop and maintain quarterly Energy Action Plans that align with existing initiatives to help building owners and tenant organizations hit operational and behavioral goals for sustainability.

Workplace EnergyWell’s powerful technology, dynamic web platform and proven campaign strategies provide the tools to reach employee populations with targeted team-oriented action campaigns that engage, recognize and reward in ways that are both social and fun. Workplace EnergyWell allows individuals, floors or even entire buildings to challenge each other to get smart about being green.

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Fast and Accurate Benchmarking.

Automated updates of Portfolio Manager scoring for improved energy awareness

Benchmark is a user-friendly digital platform that integrates seamlessly with ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager and utility Customer Information Systems (CIS) to automatically update and track energy efficiency scoring for commercial and multi-family facilities. By enabling building owners to compare their electric, gas and water consumption with a regularly updated score ranking their performance in comparison to peer buildings, Benchmark helps improve awareness of energy-saving opportunities and drives participation in utility programs.

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Make good things Happen.

Start making good things Happen in your community today.

Happen helps communities take action to conserve resources, reduce pollution and eliminate waste. Have fun networking and competing with others in your community to complete challenges that make a positive impact on your environment.

Together we can do more than we could ever do alone. The more people who make it Happen, the better off we all become.

Please contact us to learn more about how the Happen app can activate your community.