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FEB 6 2018

Watch how a school in Wisconsin saved nearly 20 thousand dollars a month from their energy bill through the use of MyMeter

The On Demand Savings (ODS) program was recognized in early 2017 with an award from the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance for helping MGE's business customers achieve greater savings by reducing energy use—especially in summer months when electric use peaks across the region.

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NOV 14 2017

Accelerated Innovations Adds New Thought Leaders and Industry Specialists to Its Core Team

Accelerated Innovations, LLC (AI),known for its innovative engagement platform, MyMeter, has also been contributing to the overall evolution of the utilities industry. AI has consistently helped raise the bar of customer engagement and data presentment for nearly a decade by partnering with industry thought leaders and by signing experts to its national team. Most recently, Jon Hacker and Steve Nisbet, who each bring more than ten years of inside technical and field experience, are continuing their careers in the utilities sector by joining the AI team.

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OCT 4 2017

Accelerated Innovations Expands into New York City with New Program and Resources

This month Accelerated Innovations, LLC (AI) expands its operations into New York with the hiring of Jonathan Hacker. Jon will serve as the Energy Efficiency Engagement Manager for a soon-to-launch commercial energy conservation program in New York City.

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JUN 29 2017

Continuous improvement, solid partnerships bring significant growth to Accelerated Innovations’ business and product platform

Today, Accelerated Innovations (AI) serves utilities with customer engagement solutions in more than 20 states. Over the past two years, AI saw its largest growth yet. In 2016, the company experienced a 70% financial growth from its product platform, MyMeter. And, the expansion continues in 2017 with AI already doubling its customer base and approaching 100 utility partners.

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JUN 20 2017

MyMeter in New Orleans - What’s the Score? Entergy New Orleans Customers Can Find Out Through Online Portal

NEW ORLEANS – When it comes to energy usage, weather is a major factor in how much or how little the meter spins. And thanks to a pilot program launched by Entergy New Orleans, customers can not only learn how weather affects their home energy usage, but also how they can make informed choices about energy-saving measures.

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JUN 6 2017

Commercial accounts achieved significant demand reduction with Accelerated Innovations’ MyMeter portal

As part of a Wisconsin Focus on Energy pilot program in partnership with Madison Gas and Electric, Franklin Energy, and EnerNex, Accelerated Innovations (AI) provided tools for commercial customers to lower summer peak demand and achieve energy savings.

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APR 15 2017

Duke Energy, SEiO - Smart Energy in Offices

A video starring Accelerated Innovations' own Mark Brown talking about Smart Energy in Offices with Duke Energy. We are proud to work with such amazing partners on programs like this!

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MAR 29 2017

MyMeter + EEme = Even Greater Savings. MyMeter Users Can Now See How Much Energy Each Appliance in Their Home is Using and How Much it is Costing Them

In partnership with the energy analytics company EEme, MyMeter now delivers appliance-level energy insights for homes and buildings. Technology companies EEme and Accelerated Innovations today announced that they will be teaming up to provide customers with unparalleled home energy analytics. Using EEme’s Machine Learning platform, a stateof-the-art technology that turns raw smart meter data into actionable insights, MyMeter users will be able to see exactly how much each appliance is affecting their home’s energy use and bill.

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JAN 8 2016

U.S. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx Will Deliver Remarks At Envision America Workshop

Charlotte, NC – U.S. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx will deliver remarks at the Envision America workshop on Thursday, January 14 at 9:00am in Charlotte. The Secretary will highlight the impacts of innovative technology in transportation. The three-day workshop - being held at the UNC Charlotte Uptown campus at 320 East 9th Street - is closed to the public. Members of the press are invited to attend the workshop with registration at

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DEC 3 2015

10 U.S. Cities Selected to Kickoff Envision America Smart Cities Acceleration Initiative

Charlotte, North Carolina, Dec. 3, 2015 -- Envision America, a smart cities initiative that was announced at the White House this fall, is proud to select 10 U.S. cities to participate in 2016. The cities will leverage technology collaborators and businesses to address the challenges of climate change and improve city services.

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OCT 28 2015

I told our kids; I just saved X amount of dollars this month compared to last month. And MyMeter is awesome. I check it every day....

Pardon Tracy Tollefson for being a little flustered when she opened up her family’s electric statement back in August. “I was quite surprised,” the Red River Valley Co-op Power member recalled at the high amount of usage her house used in July. “With a family of seven, we have to watch our money.”

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OCT 1 2015

Accelerated Innovations Utility Partners Now Available via WeatherBug App

Working with launch partners Honeywell, Nest, Samsung SmartThings, and Accelerated Innovations, WeatherBug serves as smart home ‘mobile hub’ for consumers to monitor, control and optimize energy usage – delivering on the promise of IoT

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SEP 14 2015

FACT SHEET: Administration Announces New “Smart Cities” Initiative to Help Communities Tackle Local Challenges and Improve City Services

Accelerated Innovations is Part of National initiative: Today, the Administration is announcing a new “Smart Cities” Initiative that will invest over $160 million in federal research and leverage more than 25 new technology collaborations to help local communities tackle key challenges such as reducing traffic congestion, fighting crime, fostering economic growth, managing the effects of a changing climate, and improving the delivery of city services. The new initiative is part of this Administration’s overall commitment to target federal resources to meet local needs and support community-led solutions.

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SEP 14 2015

Accelerated Innovations Among Partners at White House Event to Kick Off National Smart Cities Initiative

The public-private partnership initiative Envision America is issuing a challenge and providing resources to America's cities to deploy innovative technologies and mobilize community actions to tackle energy, water, waste and air challenges. As a key sponsor, Accelerated Innovations is collaborating with smart city leaders to leverage the Envision America web and mobile app, a community engagement platform to facilitate, measure and gamify large-scale sustainability action campaigns.

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AUG 11 2015

Accelerated Innovations Continues to Grow, Adding Five New Members to Its Team Nationally

Accelerated Innovations LLC (AI) announces the addition of five new members to its national team, headquartered in St. Paul, MN.

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JUN 7 2015

WeatherBug Home and Accelerated Innovations Team Up to Expand Delivery of Energy Efficiency Insights

Accelerated Innovations and WeatherBug ® Home are integrating their complementary technologies to provide utilities with a comprehensive consumer energy efficiency platform that provides detailed, customized energy usage insight and encourages reduced energy use. It does so while also increasing engagement and improving satisfaction via interactive energy-saving tools.

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MAY 1 2015

MyMeter offers new option to PPEC members

“PPEC’s renewable system is comparable to an average member’s home and the MyMeter™ software allows members to see how much electricity was generated via wind or solar compared to their own electrical usage. Essentially, by looking at the data, you’ll be able tell if installing a wind or solar unit is the right fit for your family,” he continued.

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DEC 2 2014

Major Energy Provider in Texas Installs MyMeter

St. Paul, Minn. – Accelerated Innovations, (AI) announced today that its MyMeter software application was installed at CoServ, a non-profit co-operative utility provider in Texas, as its primary online platform to connect customers to their electricity and gas billing and usage information. CoServ is a major energy provider based in Corinth, Texas, with 180,000 members and 278,000 meters across its six-county service territory.

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SEP 25 2014

MyMeter Provides Energy-Saving Tools to Homes and Businesses

On a sunny summer day in Los Angles, a thousand air conditioners might easily turn on at the exact same moment. That would elicit a surge of electrical power to get all of those compressors running, driving up what is known as peak demand.

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SEP 14 2014

Accelerated Innovations Among Partners at White House Event to Kick Off National Smart Cities Initiative

The public-private partnership initiative Envision America is issuing a challenge and providing resources to America's cities to deploy innovative technologies and mobilize community actions to tackle energy, water, waste and air challenges.

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SEP 2 2014

Sustainable: Reducing energy use through behavioral science

The St. Paul-based company behind a Web portal that lets residential customers of utilities view their energy use recently achieved an important milestone. A third-party report released in July validated that the product, called “MyMeter,” leads customers to make changes that reduce their utility bills.

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JUL 23 2014

In Minnesota, ‘behavior’ programs show energy-saving results

As utilities seek to cut energy use, one of the tactics they’re employing is encouraging customers to modify their habits. And while data is limited on how effective these so-called “behavior” programs are, some recent reports show promising results.

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JUL 21 2014

Smart Grid Today ( MyMeter software boosts satisfaction at co-op.

An elderly couple in Minnesota had kept in such close touch with their utility for years that when their calls suddenly stopped coming in 2008, the customer service representatives worried about their health and wellbeing, Josh Headlee told us recently. He is president of Accelerated Innovations, the St Paul, Minn-based firm that provides software called MyMeter.

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JUL 20 2014

MyMeter customer KIUC talks renewables with members

By the end of 2015, Kauai Island Utility Cooperative will be close to meeting its goal of using renewable resources to generate 50 percent of the island’s electricity, the president and chief executive officer of the cooperative said Thursday. Speaking at the 12th annual meeting of cooperative members at Kauai Community College, David Bissell said the cooperative will soon begin receiving power from its 12-megawatt solar array near the old Koloa Mill. And in 2015, KIUC’s 12-megawatt solar array in Anahola will come online.

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JUL 15 2014

MyMeter Behavioral Program Savings Approved by the State of Minnesota

Accelerated Innovations’ program verifies significant energy savings reductions through behavior change

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MAY 21 2014

Jan Cook named MyMeter’s VP Client Engagement

May 21, 2014---Accelerated Innovations LLC (AI) announced today that Jan Cook has joined the company’s management team as Vice President of Client Engagement. Cook will direct Accelerated Innovation’s business development and marketing efforts, leading the company’s sales and partnering initiatives in support of their innovative MyMeter utility customer engagement platform.

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MAR 26 2014

MyMeter Littlest User Contest

MyMeter and Wright Hennepin Electric partnered up to create the littlest user competition using MyMeter to track energy savings.

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JAN 21 2014

MyMeter turns Beltrami Electric members into conservation partners

Behavior-based energy-efficiency programs are, if not the final frontier, a country that utilities have only begun to explore, and Beltrami Electric Cooperative in Bemidji, Minn., is an early pioneer.

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JUL 23 2013

MyMeter has been chosen as the consumer energy engagement portal and communication hub for the U.S./Japan Smart Grid Demonstration project in Los Alamos.

The Los Alamos Department of Public Utilities (DPU) is a leader in environmental innovation among utility companies, including renewable power generation and smart grid development.

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NOV 26 2012

New "smart energy technology" helping customers track costs

Pelican Rapids, MN (WDAY TV) - We've all sat down with our monthly electric bill and questioned the numbers in front of us, but now something called "smart energy technology" is helping power companies and its customers track monthly, daily, and hourly usage in the home.

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NOV 26 2012

Video - New "smart energy technology" helping customers track costs

Pelican Rapids, MN (WDAY TV) - We've all sat down with our monthly electric bill and questioned the numbers in front of us, but now something called "smart energy technology" is helping power companies and its customers track monthly, daily, and hourly usage in the home. Check out the Video here

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NOV 25 2012

Smart energy technology gains a toehold in Minnesota

Electric utilities across the state are offering mobile apps and online portals for energy conservation. Minnesota is emerging as a leading market for advanced technology to help consumers cut their electric bills. At a time of rising electricity rates, the technology promises ways to closely monitor power consumption and to reduce monthly bills.

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NOV 12 2012

MyMeter Promotional video from

MyMeter promotional video for Lake Region Electric in Pelican Rapids MN.

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NOV 1 2012

Keeping Up with the Energy Efficient Joneses- Lake & Home Magazine

If you knew that you were using significantly more energy to power your home than many of your neighbors, would it prompt you to turn off a few lights and replace your old refrigerator ?

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AUG 26 2011

Big Savings in Littlest User Contest

When it comes to reducing energy consumption, wet hair can be an important ally. That's one of the tidbits gleaned from participants in a friendly, but determined, energy-savings competition that pitted consumer-member teams from two Minnesota electric co-ops against each other.

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AUG 24 2011

Energy Saving Competition Brings a Win for Maple Grove Family

A contest between Wright Hennepin and Lake Region Electric Cooperative drew in six area households, including two from Maple Grove, as a way to educate people about saving and conserving energy.

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JUN 16 2011

Member-Owner Uses MyMeter™ To Track Daily Kilowatt-hour Usage

Have you ever wondered how many kilowatt- hours (kWhs) you use each day whether you are home or away? Or, would you like to know how much money it costs when you have visitors stay? With MYMETER™, residential member-owners can find out!

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FEB 16 2011

Co-ops Vie in Conservation Contest

Co-op versus co-op. Member versus member. Staffer versus staffer. Don’t worry. This is a friendly competition. Two Minnesota co-ops will battle in what they call “The Littlest User.” From April 1 to July 31, Wright-Hennepin Cooperative Electric Association in Rockford and Lake Region Electric Cooperative in Pelican Rapids will vie to see who has the biggest decrease in electricity use.

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JAN 24 2011

EnergyWise pilot project helps customers discover ways to save

This month a select group of Connexus Energy customers will be receiving a special offer. They will have a chance to be included in the pilot project for MYMETER, free online tracking of their home’s energy use. Approximately 125 cooperative members in Andover will be able to see their energy use hourly, daily and monthly. They will also be able to compare their home’s energy use with that of their neighbors, as well as set goals to reduce their energy use.

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DEC 1 2010

Wright Hennepin Electric Member uses MYMETER™ to compare his energy use to his neighbors

Tom Paumen likes to keep a close watch over the amount of electricity he uses each month – while taking special note of how he compares to his neighbors. When asked whether or not he was obsessed with his electric use, he shook his head “no,” but the expression on his wife’s face seemed to paint a different picture.

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OCT 6 2010

MYMETER™ mentioned in USDA Blog

Cooperatives are born out of community need. They are founded on the ideals of social responsibility and self-help. For that reason, it seems most fitting that the seventh of the cooperative principles is “concern for community.” Members of the National Cooperative Business Association—and cooperatives around the world—subscribe to all seven cooperative principles.

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SEP 30 2010

Wright Hennepin Electric uses MYMETER™ to boost efficiency

You Tube Video -

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JUN 10 2010

Demystifying the Kilowatt-Hour: Wright-Hennepin Electric uses the Internet to educate members about electricity use

It’s the most basic thing an electric cooperative does. Send kilowatt- hours out, send the bills out later. So what happens when the customer can’t believe they would’ve used that much electricity?

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MAY 14 2010

Finance & Commerce: Accelerated Innovations speeds up drive to expand Web-based MYMETER™ business

Striving to maintain customer service while conserving energy, eight electricity cooperatives in Minnesota and South Dakota have turned to MyMeter, an internet-based software tool that helps customers monitor and manage their electricity use. “This MyMeter product demystifies the kilowatt hour,” said John Wodele, a spokesman for Accelerated Innovations LLC, a Rockford-based manufacturer of home energy conservation software that gives homeowners a graphic view of their energy usage.

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MAY 12 2010

Increasing Member Satisfaction by Taking the Mystery Out of Electric Bills - Presentation from Touchstone Energy Connect conference

Market research information: – Energy efficiency – Drivers of member satisfaction • Wright-Hennepin’s experience: – Helping members understand their energy use – Growth in member satisfaction score – MyMeter

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MAY 6 2010

Press Release: St. Paul software start-up expands marketing staff

(May 6, 2010, St. Paul, MN) St. Paul, Minnesota-based Accelerated Innovations announced today the hiring of a Regional Sales Manager to lead a marketing expansion of their online energy information software MYMETER™.

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APR 25 2010

CEO Josh Headlee Featured in the St.Paul Pioneer Press: ‘SMART’ MONITORS COME HOME

When Mary and John Fahnlander heard in February that their utility, Lake Region Electric Cooperative, was offering a way to check their home energy usage on their computer every day instead of waiting for their monthly bill, they rushed to sign up. Now the retirees can see a daily breakdown of the electricity use for their Ottertail, Minn., home by logging on to a program offered by their cooperative called MyMeter.

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APR 1 2010

Accelerated Innovations in RE Magazine Connections: Helping Consumers Slash Electric Demand

A smart meter project has generated an added benefit at one Minnesota co-op: consumers who've become smarter energy users.

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FEB 18 2010

Press Release: St. Paul Software Development Start-up Gets National Recognition for Energy Efficiency

(St. Paul, MN) A product developed by Accelerated Innovations, a St. Paul-based software development and consulting company, received national recognition yesterday when the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) awarded Minnesota’s Wright-Hennepin Cooperative Electric Association the Association’s National Community Service Award for Energy Efficiency.

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FEB 18 2010

Demystifying the kilowatt hour at a Basin Electric member cooperative

It’s been a challenge for years. How do you explain to consumers what a kilowatt hour is? At Wright-Hennepin Cooperative Electric Association, a new program is helping “demystify the kilowatt hour,” says President and CEO Mark Vogt.

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FEB 15 2010

MyMeter Award Video

Wright Hennepin Electric wins NRECA National Community Service Award for Energy Efficiency, watch the video here

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FEB 15 2010

NRECA News: Wright-Hennepin Cooperative Electric Association’s Pioneering Energy Efficiency Program

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, February 15, 2010 – The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association awarded Wright-Hennepin Cooperative Electric Association the Association’s National Community Service Award for Energy Efficiency. The Rockford, Minnesota-based co-op received the award at NRECA’s 2010 Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia.

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OCT 1 2009

"TechSurveillance" Magazine: Minnesota Startup Seeks Niche in Co-op Market

White River Valley Electric in Missouri caused a bit of a stir among cooperative insiders recently when decision-makers initiated a partnership with Google PowerMeter. However, with Microsoft and Cisco also enteringthe web-basedfray, Google isn’tthe only giant competing to offer utility customers instant access to their power usage. But not all co-ops are gaga over behemoths such as Google, Microsoft, or Cisco.

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