MyMeter Community Solar

What It Is and Why It Matters

In a nutshell, community solar projects—or, solar gardens—are power plants whose solar generated electricity is shared by more than one business, household, or party.

BlockChain and Utilities

Part 1: A path to disruption?

Now, more than ever, utilities are working to create payment solutions and strategies that give their customers and investors more—more security, greater return on investment, and a better overall experience with more options.

At the Cutting Edge with Alexa

Joining MyMeter with the Alexa ecosystem delivers progressively in the areas where customers demand the most: Convenience, Security and Accuracy. Customers can now experience having a direct conversation with their utility provider anytime, day or night, 24/7.

MyMeter's verified energy savings in MN

Multi-Utility Impact Findings

Energy efficiency savings ranging between 1.8-6.8% have been approved for four Minnesota utilities using MyMeter for customer engagement, load management, pre-pay solutions and/ or outage management notification.

Beltrami Electric Cooperative

Achieving Cost-Effective Energy Savings

I have a great appreciation for the MyMeter program. I have always believed that information and understanding are the keys to controlling one’s energy usage. When one understands the connection between the actions in the home and the associated energy usage, they then have the power to manage that usage.

Sam Mason

Manager of Marketing & Communication

Wright-Hennepin Cooperative Electric Association

Increasing Customer Satisfaction and Engagement

The thing that always frustrated me is that we could never help people understand what a kilowatt hour was. It’s our unit of sale, but it’s not something that the customers can get their hands around or could really understand…In my career, it’s the first tool that we’ve been able to provide our consumers that helps demystify the kilowatt-hour.

Mark Vogt

President & CEO