We make life easier for utilities and their customers.

MyMeter is the intelligent software behind everything we do at Accelerated Innovations. It is the center of the wheel encompassing our complete family of technology innovations. From our Data Presentment offerings to our Customer Engagement tools, MyMeter is the foundation of it all. We empower electric, gas, and water utilities and their customers to better manage demand and consumption.

In a phrase: MyMeter is the engaging, dynamic connection that transforms meter data into insights for action. With powerful tools that increase customer satisfaction, drive behavioral energy savings, and deliver economic returns through innovative billing. MyMeter is specifically designed to support massive data, energy management programs, and drive engagement.

Data Presentment

Intuitive and responsive. Dynamic and clear. Up-to-the-minute.

A tool for energy, gas, and water use visualization.

Demystify the kilowatt hour.

Going beyond the bill with a platform to explore and explain energy use patterns, our MyMeter engagement portal makes personal energy management easy, engaging, and even fun. We bring data presentment into the 21st Century. Customers can see more, do more, and save more.

Interactive charts and heat maps, toggling between interval, hourly, daily, monthly, and even real-time data helps users diagnose expensive or wasteful usage patterns. Plotting usage in comparisons to historic data, local temperature, and similar neighboring properties further helps to identify trends and the opportunity for energy improvements.

Users can set Energy Markers™ to identify appliance replacements, renovations, and occupancy-based events, creating their own personal journal of key energy-use related events and the impact on energy use.

MyMeter presents a consistent user experience across all commodity (electric, gas, water, etc.) and account types (residential, commercial, industrial, etc.). We support meter based net metering or subscription-based programs, such as community solar.

Customers can select from a number of widgets to present snapshot data (targeted for residential and commercial customers) based on their preference. Widget data can include daily/weekly/monthly usage comparisons, billing information, and customized energy messaging created by the utility through the administration console.

Converting units of measure-metrics to dollars based on utility rates, including Time of Use rates, is a standard feature. Overlaid comparisons present information on variables such as temperature, previous years’ usage, and neighborhood rank so users can spot trends, investigate spikes, and track the impacts from improvements or changes they have made.

When it comes to data presentment, we cover everything. And, we’ve made it easy: MyMeter is a one-stop for every need.

Customer Care

Increase customer satisfaction.

Lower support costs.

Enhanced CSR tools boost service and care.

Accelerated Innovations offers utilities powerful tools for enhanced customer support, increased customer engagement, and satisfaction—MyMeter, Web Self-Service, and Pay-As-You-Go.

MyMeter creates a bridge between interval smart meter data and information-hungry consumers.

MyMeter's Customer Care Features:

  • Allow customers to easily see the connection between cost, demand, and consumption.
  • Drive participation and communication for DSM programs, including peak demand reduction initiatives.
  • Gather property profile information to make targeted rate and rebate offers.
  • Deliver fast notifications based on real-time usage, system outages, and account balances.
  • Reduce high bill surprises with Pay-As-You-Go and projected bill calculations.
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for debt-related service disconnections.

Rooted in the customer care function, MyMeter was developed to equip utility customer service representatives with better tools to address billing inquiries.

We empower electric, gas, and water utilities and their customers to better manage end-use demand and consumption by transforming meter data into insights for action.

Our Web Self-Service and Pay-As-You-Go Solutions create win/wins for customers and their utility. Customers get a comprehensive, fully integrated experience and can pay their bill, see historical usage and past bills, learn about current utility programs, and more. All in one place.

Customers can also add, transfer, and disconnect service, as well as change their address, update their contact info, and sign-up for upcoming programs and newsletters. It’s a one-stop experience.

The result? Call centers see a reduction in call volume right away. Plus, customer service representatives are able to deliver an enhanced level of care through our Web Self-Service and MyAccount Solutions. Features such as ‘Replicate Mode’ provide CSRs with real-time access to customer account views enabling them to deliver personalized care and service—because they see exactly what the customer sees.

When it comes to customer care, MyMeter lowers support costs, enhances CSRs’ service, and raises customer satisfaction.

Energy Efficiency

Lower peak demand.

Verified savings.

Behavioral energy efficiency.

When it comes to energy efficiency innovations, Accelerated Innovations has raised the bar. MyMeter helps residential customers, commercial building operators, utilities and associated stakeholders meet their financial and operational goals by maximizing energy efficiencies and savings. Our efficiency programs create a win/win for consumers and utilities.

MyMeter helps customers engage in load management and efficiency programs that accomplish important financial and operational goals for utilities:

  • Dynamic pricing (e.g., time-of-use rates, critical-peak pricing)
  • A/C cycling for residential, small and mid-size business customers
  • Direct load control programs for large commercial and industrial customers
  • Peak time rebates
  • Behavioral energy efficiency

We even make energy conservation fun with gamification and energy challenges available on our Happen App. Elements like personal “Energy Challenges” and neighborhood comparisons give users the ability and incentive to control their energy use.

Going even further, Energy Markers™ give customers the ability to track time-based events to see the impact energy improvements or changes in energy use behavior have on their consumption. The same tools can be used by utilities to integrate with existing efficiency programs.

Plus, customizable real-time alerts via email and text messaging draw attention to peak demand events and abnormal consumption patterns. Armed with this information and accompanying analytic tools, end-users learn to see that their energy use is a process they can manage, not just a bill they have to pay. The result is cost-effective behavioral energy savings, tracked and verified for DSM program reporting.

Integration with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager provides commercial customers with automated benchmarking and comparisons of energy use intensities to gauge the potential for bottom-line impacts. Integration with ENERGY STAR® Home Energy Yardstick gives residential customers the ability to compare their home with similar homes across the country.

With MyMeter at the core, our energy efficiency programs are helping utilities achieve their goals with lower peak demand, verifiable savings, and enhanced revenue through targeted marketing and value-added services.

Customers are happy and utilities are happy. When it comes to energy efficiency, it’s a win/win with MyMeter.

Customer Engagement

Information for busy lives.

Motivation and awareness through alerts and challenges.

Intuitive, clear, and customizable.

Most utility customers are not thinking about their energy use. They are busy taking care of their families, running their businesses, or just getting through the day – it just happens to require using energy.

Much of the power of the MyMeter platform is its ability to engage customers that would otherwise not be aware that their usage has increased significantly, that there may be an issue at a vacation or rental property, or that a freezer full of food may be at the peril of a power outage. With MyMeter’s automated notifications and alerts, customers can be made aware when their energy use should be a concern, both for their pocketbook and their busy lives.

Once engaged, customers can gain motivation to stay involved in their consumption through personalized challenges, gamification, and comparing consumption with neighbors and peers. Over time, customers are able to monitor their progress and see the results of their commitment and action.

Aware customers are engaged customers, and MyMeter makes that cost-effective and easy.

Community Engagement

Building communities.

Strengthening connections.

Reaching common goals.

MyMeter is more than a connection between customers and their utility. It’s a connection between customers and their community.

Customers can compare their habits to similar neighbors by filling in details about their home--such as size, age of construction, and use of alternative fuels--and find out if their bill is higher or lower than average. They can compete in utility-sponsored energy savings challenges, receive personalized messages alerting them to relevant rebates and other programs that can help lower their bill, and share discoveries and accomplishments with friends and family via integrated social media tools.

MyMeter connects individuals to their communities, the most compelling feedback is knowing and interacting with the real actions friends, neighbors, even local businesses are taking to control their energy bill.

We provide structured approaches for behavioral changes that save energy. And, at-a-glance information available via MyMeter motivates change and molds new behaviors over time to achieve lasting, long-term results.

MyMeter is available 24/7/365 at customer’s fingertips, consistently providing resources, tools and tips for energy management and community awareness. The effectiveness of the MyMeter platform is evident in our work with:

  • Duke Energy Smart Energy in Offices
  • Entergy New Orleans Energy Smart Scorecard
  • Con Edison Building Energy Performance
  • Puget Sound Energy Bellevue Urban Smart


Fast and accurate.

Seamless integration.

Infinite possibilities.

MyMeter benchmarking is a user-friendly integration with ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager and utility Customer Information Systems (CIS) to automatically update and track energy efficiency scoring for commercial and multi-family facilities. By enabling building owners to compare their electric, gas and water consumption with a regularly updated score ranking their performance in comparison to peer buildings, benchmarking helps improve awareness of energy-saving opportunities and drives participation in utility programs. Benchmarking allows you to:

  • Establish a baseline score and track improvements over time
  • Handle complex privacy and energy disaggregation rules
  • Be alerted to automatic updates in their efficiency score
  • Integrate multiple meters with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager
  • Utilize Home Energy Yardstick for residential customers
  • Identify relative energy usage across a portfolio of properties
  • Reduce human error and time spent on manual data entry
  • Realize opportunities to reduce energy consumption and see results
  • Compare performance with similar properties in the service area


A platform that grows with you, addressing unique needs.

Deployed with a powerful suite of existing core functionality.

Always refining, evolving, and leveling-up.

MyMeter integrates seamlessly to leverage existing infrastructure and ensure customer data protection. We carry out implementations in weeks, not months, with a solid record of the highest levels of customer data protection and cybersecurity.

Typically deployed as a hosted solution, MyMeter has the flexibility to integrate through multiple methods to successfully leverage data extracts. MyMeter communicates seamlessly with platforms that facilitate metering, billing, and customer account management, including advanced metering infrastructure/automated meter reading (AMI/AMR), meter data management (MDM), and customer information systems (CIS).

Accelerated Innovations’ depth of experience accessing meter, customer account, billing, and operations data is unparalleled. Our laser focus in the industry helps us drive successful integration outcomes by connecting with a wide variety of enterprise service architectures, including MultiSpeak, ODBC, XML, flat files, web services, and custom APIs.

Improved Marketing Effectiveness

The right message at the right time.

Real results. Measurable results. Consistent results.

Insights for targeted marketing. Save time and money.

Residential and commercial customers alike have the ability to provide more information about their property characteristics and energy use systems, giving them the ability to make more meaningful benchmarking comparisons, or to receive utility-provided incentives. Customers gain greater control over energy use comparisons.

Utilities gain insights for targeted marketing of programs and special offers.

Tools for customer segmentation and insights on everything from building square footage and property use types to the age of HVAC and water heating appliances can dramatically improve response rates and lower the cost to meet participation goals.

The MyMeter Message Center enables custom list development based on property profiles and integrates with existing marketing automation platforms.

MyMeter makes it easy to see measurable results clearly time after time.